Massively hit the road during March Motor Month

Motorcyclist drives across road between trees



Motorcycling de-stresses and de-stresses. It clears your head completely and detaches you from the daily grind. All that matters is being on the road without any worries. An experience everyone should have at some point! Especially now that the temperature is rising and the first rays of sunshine are inviting motorcycle enthusiasts to hit the road en masse. For Royal RAI Association every reason to kick off March Motor Month!

March Motor Month targets both experienced, recreational and future motorcyclists. "Above all, we want to inspire them to take up the motorcycle," clarifies Martijn van Eikenhorst, manager section Motorcycles of RAI Association.

Benefits emphasize

"The motorcycle is pre-eminently the means to de-stress, enjoy nature and experience the maximum sense of freedom. More and more people, especially young people, are beginning to embrace the motorcycle and have discovered the advantages of this practical and relatively inexpensive means of transport. This applies not only to recreational use, but also to commuting." said Van Eikenhorst. With the March Motor Month campaign, the RAI Association wants to emphasize all the advantages of motorcycle use.

Campaign expressions

The March Motor Month campaign consists of three elements. During MOTORbeurs Utrecht, the RAI association organized a win action with scratch cards to draw people's attention to the website Next, on 5, 7, 19 and 21 March, on the busiest days of the week (Tuesday and Thursday), radio commercials can be heard during rush hour on BNR News Radio with the central message: "Get more fun out of your commute". Finally, in addition to the commercials, attention for the campaign will be generated through various social media channels.

Affordable mobility solution

That the motorcycle is increasingly seen as a perfectly logical and affordable mobility solution is beyond question for Van Eikenhorst. In the period from the corona pandemic in 2020 to the end of last year, a whopping 62,798 new motorcycles were sold. That's a 20% increase from the previous four years. The Netherlands now has 808,000 motorcycles and the number of motorcycle license holders has reached one and a half million. The popularity of motorcycles continues to grow steadily. In the first two months of 2024, the number of newly registered motorcycles already increased by almost 13% to 2,479 units. The figures for just the month of February even show an increase of over 25% to 1,508 units.

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